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Madison Project Designs the Story

Hello and welcome to Madison Project Designs. Also referred to as "MPD" on this website. My name is Lindsey and I am the owner of this small, thriving business. On this website you can buy finished wreaths, sign up or inquire about virtual design appointments, read my soon to follow blog , and more.

I am a stay at mom and wife who has always loved and been crafting. I even went to college to study art at one point. Over the last few years I have been learning and using a cricut machine (vinyl print machine), and I love a good scrapbooking night with friends. In January of 2020 I decided to try my hand at wreath making thinking it would only be another craft to keep me busy and to give to friends.

Although there are many types of materials to make wreaths with (floral, mesh, burlap etc.) I fell in love with all things "mesh" (deco and jute). To start I was making center signs with wood, paint and my cricut machine. During this time I not only was growing my skills, but people were noticing. Soon I was actually being commissioned to make wreaths for people, and by February of 2020 my wreaths were being sold in a local ice cream shop.

Even though I had started a small business out of happenstance, I believe if you love what you do, others do take notice, and Madison Project Designs is a product of that. I appreciate all my friends, family and clients who own a piece of my work.

As my business grew so did my inventory of supplies that I keep on hand. By the summer of 2020 I no longer made signs on my cricut machine unless requested. I began buying metal and wood signs from fellow people in the crafting community, and at craft stores. As my on hand sign collection grew so did my inventory of mesh and ribbon. Oh, ribbon!! I honestly think ribbon is the reason I love wreath making so much. Also, lets not forget glitter. I personally love all things that sparkle, but I'm happy to design whatever my client desires.

What do design appointments look like today? I allow UP to 45 minutes to assist clients in designing the wreath of my their/ your dreams. And I do it all virtually. All virtual design appointments can be booked through this website now. It costs $8 a session.

In the past I have been virtually designing wreaths with clients via messenger or email and although that is still an option I also start to plan to use zoom via this new website. At this point some of you maybe curious as to how exactly I learned how to make wreaths? I do have some tips and inside tricks, but you will have to wait for future blogs.

Next, after almost one year of business I purchased a subimination Eco Tank printer and large "Black Series" heat press. These tools now give me the ability to design signs for clients in house. In order to sublimate the signs I design them on the computer, print them out with the printer using sublimination ink, and press the image onto the sign using my heat press. These tools have opened up an entire new world of design for myself and my clients.

This summer (2021) I had the blessing of attending a wreath convention called, "Wreath Makers Live" put on by the wreath community and crew at Deco Exchange. It was a blast. And yes, there is a crazy community of people who primarily make wreaths. There are so many types of wreaths to make out there: Mesh, burlap, grapevine, floral, funeral saddles and more.

That all being said, right now at Madison Project Designs / MPD I primarily offer the wreaths that go on your front door or wall. However, I do make wreaths of this manner for baby showers, baby announcements, all holidays, weddings, every day ones, and I can make this type of wreath for you to hang on an headstone of you wish. For questions on designs I offer, or something you want to make please contact me via the contact form on this website.

I appreciate that you have stopped by this site and are interested in my business. On this post I am sharing

panoramic photos of my craft room so you can get a glimpse into my world, vast inventory and happy place. Please let me know how one of my wreaths could accent your home or what you would like to design? I am here for all of it. Thank you all so much!

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